My Ku'uipo ring.
Well, hello.  I am actually impressed you made it to my bio.  So, this is the nutshell version of me.

My name is Mimi.  I was born on November 28, 1977 in the Valley in Southern California and partially raised in North Long Beach until my parents divorced in 1987, then Huntington Beach for 2 years, to Westminster, California, where I lived from 1989 to 2016.

By trade, I am/was a massage therapist and in retail.  I am a collector of Hello Kitty, Cookie Monster, tattoos, and wind-up toys.  I love art and writing as well as curating over my genealogy.  I like being around like-minded people.

I have 3 beautiful children named Sienna, Kalib, and Chris.  They all live in California. I am separated from their father whom I was with from 1995 to 2016.

I currently stay in Mākaha Valley, O'ahu, Hawai'i.  I'm currently without work, but looking.  I have an awesome companion named Trevor, whom I may mention every once in a while or quite often.  He's über talented in that he is a great artist, tattooist, poet, and basically a Jack of many trades.  We met via Facebook of all places.

He is from Hawai'i and says I am his ku'uipo, which means sweetheart in Hawaiian; hence the title of my blog.

Prior to coming to Hawai'i, I was a vegan.  I'm now a lacto-vegetarian due to the cost of living, it is more convenient to eat what you can afford, or grow your own.  Trevor is an omnivore and lives breakfast food and meat.  He throws down in the kitchen, too.

Blogging and journaling has been a big part of my adult online life but with the distraction of social media and online auctions, I put it on the backburner for quite a few years.

Having  been a foodie and a chronic Yelp.com reviewer, I received a promotion from being a plain helper to an Elite 2016 Honolulu Yelper.  Woot-woot!

I am back.

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