Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ton Ton Ramen

Waipahu Town Center
94-050 Farrington Hwy
Waipahu, HI 96797

Trevor and I were driving to Makaha Valley from Waipahu when we decided on a quick and inexpensive lunch.  Ton Ton Ramen stood out as we were driving through the outlet mall.

Trevor had a mochiko chicken combo.  I had Maba tofu ramen.  

I assumed it would be vegetarian but there were definitely bits of ground meat in the soup.  Having 3/4ths Asian in my ethnic background, you would think I was more well-versed in Oriental cuisine.  I'm not.  I'm very much a watered-down Asian, American-born, apple pie-eating California girl.  Thus, I had no idea what Maba was (I googled it, and its definitely a tofu food cooked with minced sausage or beef).  

I had to rinse off each tofu chunk in the soup to avoid meat, as I am a vegetarian who still tries to eat as vegan as possible.  

Incidentally, the bowl was still flavorful and filling.  I bit off Trevor' rice with curry sauce and it was delightful.  

He was satisfied with his meal as well, and drank my minced meat leftover soup.

Maba Tofu ramen

Katie chicken and curry with gyoza

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