Sunday, December 25, 2016

Skin Whitening Soap

Not a review...

My boyfriend, Trevor, received a tiny, decorated bag at work from his Filipino co-workers.  The bag is kind of feminine, so he passed it on to me.

The contents were two boxes of whitening soap, by a company called Magical!  I was like, "What are you trying to tell me?"  He said, "Nothing.  I just saw two little soaps with a chick on it and thought I would give it to you."

What a sweetie pie for thinking of me.

What baffles me about this soap is the precedence of self-hate that darker completed Asians feel the new to lighten their skin.  Having grown up in beach cities of southern California, I loved a tan or "healthy glow" from having some sun light.  Lightening my skin has never been a thought that crossed my mind.

I love my freckles and beauty marks.  It makes me unique.  As the song goes..."A face without freckles is like a sky without stars."

Monday, December 19, 2016

Beachside Cafe and Pizza

Beachside Cafe and Pizza is a fairly new establishment.  Trevor and I had our taste buds for their pizza.  The parking lot was small and off busy Farrington Highway.  Its easy to miss Beachside as they are tucked away on the side od another building.

The door is a push in door with a door knob.  Upon entering, the style of decor is typical of a Mezican restaurant with blue tiled tables with black, Spanish-ish trim on the backs of a few of the booths.  A plus is they have a television set to watch sports.  Near the register is a refrigerator with pastries.

We got our menus after being directed to a booth.  There was no pizza on the menu.  Looking around the dining room for a pizza special, but noticed the window painting or decals was simply titled "Beachside Cafe," in contrast to the street sign which included the word Pizza.  Unfortunately, we were told they do not sell pizza.

So, we had to look a little more intently at their Hawaiian-Asian-American fusion menu.  Thankfully, the waitress was sweet, otherwise I would have given Trevor the stink-eye for "Let's go."

I looked over and over the menu.  For Hawaii, the prices were fairly descent.  They didn't have anything vegan on the menu.  They did have a veggie sandwich but I needed to know what the toppings were.  I was told the only vegetation would include lettuce, tomato, and onions and pickle.  No thanks.  It didn't sound appetizing enough.  I need a hearty veggie sandwich with the likes of avocados, sprouts, mushrooms, spinach, or something.  Trevor suggested I try their fried noodles, without any meat.

She said the fried noodles typically are with meat but she would be right back to see if the cook would alter it for me to make it vegetarian.  Sure enough, he could.

Trevor got a classic cheeseburger and fries.  They were unsalted so the customer could salt to taste.  He purchased a side of mayo-mustard sauce for dipping, for $1 more.  It was nostalgic to the old Tastee-Freeze sauce he grew up with.  My fried noodles had a charred, flame-broiled taste and included bits of onion, red cabbage, carrots, and mushrooms.  Trevor suggested I eat it with shoyu sauce (soy sauce).  It was my first time for fried noodles and I really enjoyed it.

I would recommend due to the sweet waitress, the prices, and what we ate.  I can't say it's top-notch,  yet, due to it being our first time, but it was descent.  We hope they bring pizza back to the restaurant.  Everyone loves pizza.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Seventh Generation Laundry

I have a right to know what’s in the products I buy!  Seventh Generation laundry products are an awesome plant-based product that is safe to use in your home and for the environment.

 It's tough on stains, yet contains no harsh ingredients, synthetic fragrances, or eyes. It's gentle on fabrics, too. My laundry feels good and my boyfriend and I do not have to worry about itchy skin or allergies. I definitely recommend.

I received this product as a free sample and my opinions are my own.

Join me in telling cleaning companies to Come Clean:

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Free Clothes

ThredUp is a great way to bargain shop or get stuff for free.  If you refer enough people, you earn more money.  Your referrals also gain $10 and there are a lot of brand name clothing in great condition.  You  an also sell your used clothes.

Shop at thredUP and save up to 90% on like-new styles from brands you love: J.Crew, Anthropologie, Mini Boden, Crewcuts and more (25,000 more, but who’s counting). Plus thredUP is the most convenient way to clean out your closet and get organized. Order a Clean Out Kit today! Here's $10 off by using this link:

 Note: For new customers only.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ton Ton Ramen

Waipahu Town Center
94-050 Farrington Hwy
Waipahu, HI 96797

Trevor and I were driving to Makaha Valley from Waipahu when we decided on a quick and inexpensive lunch.  Ton Ton Ramen stood out as we were driving through the outlet mall.

Trevor had a mochiko chicken combo.  I had Maba tofu ramen.  

I assumed it would be vegetarian but there were definitely bits of ground meat in the soup.  Having 3/4ths Asian in my ethnic background, you would think I was more well-versed in Oriental cuisine.  I'm not.  I'm very much a watered-down Asian, American-born, apple pie-eating California girl.  Thus, I had no idea what Maba was (I googled it, and its definitely a tofu food cooked with minced sausage or beef).  

I had to rinse off each tofu chunk in the soup to avoid meat, as I am a vegetarian who still tries to eat as vegan as possible.  

Incidentally, the bowl was still flavorful and filling.  I bit off Trevor' rice with curry sauce and it was delightful.  

He was satisfied with his meal as well, and drank my minced meat leftover soup.

Maba Tofu ramen

Katie chicken and curry with gyoza

Saturday, November 12, 2016


I received 3 envelopes in the mail today.  The first envelope I opened was from In-N-Out and they sent me a nice letter and 2 stickers, after I had requested a pie e of nostalgia.

In-N-Out is the most popular burger joint in Southern California.  When I are meat, they were my favorite.  I'd always order a double cheeseburger with grilled onions, fries, and a medium soft drink.  

I can't wait to rock my stickers in Hawai'i.  These folks know nada about In-N-Out.

"In-N-Out.  In-N-Out.  That's what a hamburger is all about."

The second envelope contained 3 stickers by Sharkbait Surf Wax company.  They sell more than wax, such as apparel and other goods.  I registered to be on their mailing list and they sent me 3 vinyl stickers.  That was cool.  

"If you're going to be bait.  You might as well be Sharkbait."

The last envelope I opened was a vinyl sticker of an eyeball.  It just looks rather Punk Rock and I won it through a free auction on Listia.  Woot woot!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2016


I got my mail today and received 2 stickers.  the first one says Psyko Seven on it, and I won it in an auction on Listia.  Psyko Seven is the brand name of a Dominican cigar.

The Chaco sticker is a promotional sticker I received free from Chaco.  It came with 3 gecko stickers on the sheet.  It's very cool as Hawai'i is known for the Mo'os (Hawai'ian for gecko).

Chaco is a brand of footwear best known for its product line of adjustable Z-strap sandals for outdoor and water use, often referred to as "Chacos".

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Marigold Seeds

Marigold Seeds
Last week, I won Marigold seeds via a bid on Listia.  Today, I received them.  I cannot wait to grow them.

When I move out of Makaha Valley, no matter where we stay, I want to have a garden.  If we have a balcony or just have a tiny stoop, I want to have a mini garden.  Marigolds are ideal because they attract bees.  Bees are essential to our well-being.

Because seeds are so easy to come by due to my vegetarian lifestyle, this gave me the idea that I want to begin savi g and auctioning off my seeds.  It should be ffruitful...pun intended.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Sticker and Cookbook

Sticker and Cookbook
I received a sticker from Fish Hippie and a Healthy Living Cookbook by Sunmaid Raisins company, in the mail.

I'm not familiar with Fish Hippie brand yet, but I joined their email list for more information about their products.  It appears their apparel caters to those into coastal living and fishing.  Being in Hawaii, Coastal living is the norm.  I would love to see what their products have in store for consumers in Oceania.

As for Sunmaid, my mother always wanted healthy snacks for me when I was a child.  She raised me on Sunmaid Raisins.  I still love them and even raised my kids eating Sunmaid Raisins.  I used to put mini packs into their lunch bags before I sent them to school.

It baffles me when people tell me they don't like raisins.  It's blasphemy!  
Table of Contents 

A couple recipes

Back pages co rain measuring chart

Well here are a few pages from the Sunmaid cookbook.  It has quite a few recipes I want to try with Trevor.  Trevor loves to cook but I'm no Betty Crocker or Suzie Homemaker.  I need recipes or I suck.    

Monday, November 7, 2016

Free Samples

Samples in the mail
Today, it was like my birthday opening  up my mail.  I got a few free samples.  The first was from Arm & Hammer for Truly Radiant Clean & Fresh toothpaste.  I'm obsessed with my teeth and can't wait to try this.

Next was Real Time Pain Relief Maxx for my lower back and hip flexor issues as well as Trevor's lower back and knee problem.  Another product I am interested in trying out.

The last one was supposed to be Slim-Fit capsules with Ephedra, but they were crushed during shipping so, unfortunately, I will not be able to try the product.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Banana pancakes with mac sauce

Trevor and I went to Spinner's Cafe in Wai'anae for breakfast.  There is a huge homeless (or houseless) camp at the driveway leading up to Spinners, which is at the Wai'anae Boat Harbor.  If you are not used to seeing this, it can be a bit intimidating or unsettling.  Otherwise, driving to the back takes you to the parking lot of the beautiful boat harbor.

The Spinners menu is small and they serve breakfast and lunch up to 3pm, when they close.  You order at the counter and take your food to your seat. 

In California, I was vegan. In Hawai'i, I am a lacto-ovo-vegetarian who eats vegan as much as possible, if I can get away with it.  It's just too expensive in Hawai'i to eat vegan and/or organic unless I grow my own food.

So, banana pancakes is what I got.  Unlike the mainland, hash browns do not seem to  be a popular breakfast staple.  It's rice.  Incidentally, Spinners doesn't have hash browns on their menu.

My pancakes were a thick slab of pancake with sliced bananas cooked into the dough.  Mac sauce is a thick, sweet, macadamia nut topping.  Being a traditional mainlander, I had to apply syrup to my pancakes, too.

Loco Moco
Trevor always craves meat.  He opted for the loco moco which is a popular Hawaiian dish of beef patties topped with gravy and eggs with a side of rice. He likes his food, but ended up also eating the pancakes I failed to finish, due to feeling stuffed.

We both enjoyed our meal and time permitting, we will be back.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Intenze Ink

If you read my bio in the tab above (About), you will have learned I have this fabulous boyfriend named Trevor.  He's a tattooist by hobby and works on his friends and friends of friends, and fixing to get licensed.  He goes through varying tattoo supply companies to get his products but as far as ink, he and I agree, Intenze Tattoo Ink, is a great brand.

Today, I received the Black Sumi ink in the mail and was pleasantly surprised to see the grip of vinyl stickers they shipped to us with our purchase.

Thank you, Intenze.

A tattoo done today, using Black Sumi.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


I got married in 2005, and had the letter M tattooed on my left ring finger to signify my
happy marriage.

Going through a divorce, the M became a painful reminder and a major annoyance for me.  I wore a promise ring from my boyfriend Trevor to cover it.

Considering November is my birth month and will put me in the last year of my 30s, Trevor covered my tattoo.

He freestyled loops, hearts, swirls, and other doodles to cover it.  I wanted a henna-inspired style and he did that for me.  Later, he wants to take it further up my arm.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

K-Y Intense Pleasure Gel

Mine and Trevor's hand
with our free sample
tube of K-Y Intense pleasure.

This review is based on a free sample I received from the company.  All opinions are my own.

I joined the K-Y brand panel and received a free sample of Intense Pleasure gel for her.

It came in a package not much bigger than a lipstick tube.  The directions say to use two to three drops which is to be applied to the, pardon my candidness, applied to the clitoris.

Trevor and I tested it out and without going in to too much detail, it was fabulous.  It's warming and numbing, as well as intense.  you can't go wrong trying this product out.  Best of all, it can be found in most major drug stores.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Cha We Cha Wa

Eddie & Mimi
I went to Makaha Surfing Beach for the first time in September 16, 2016.  That's where I met one of my first locals, named Eddie.  I didn't know of him but he's apparently a fairly well-known cat.  He was super nice.

He has a saying: Cha We Cha Wa.  Upon asking  what that meant, he said, "So good, so fine."  I got a shirt from him, that the lady I am staying with purchased for me for $15.  The shirt is great quality.
My new shirt.
Cha We ⛦ Cha Wa